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LIVE STREAM THE 2019 SBM Worldwide/Parents Group National Conference Oct. 11-13, 2019

Stream the 2019 SBM Worldwide/Parents Group National Conference Oct. 11-13, 2019 in Shelton, CT.

Stream the 2019 SBM Worldwide/Parents Group National Conference Oct. 11-13, 2019 in Shelton, CT from the privacy of your smartphone, tablet, or computer!

If you are really desiring to be part of the ministry's 2019 NATIONAL CONFERENCE, but cannot physically be with us this weekend in October, we still have a way for you to be included!

The Ministry will be STREAMING the weekend LIVE as it happens -- and you can be one of our "OFFICIAL MINISTRY STREAMERS!"

Beginning Friday evening and finishing Sunday late morning, you can watch and be a part of the conference as one of our "CYBER ATTENDIES!" As an "OFFICIAL MINISTRY STREAMER," you can watch the weekend LIVE as it happens, or watch and re-watch ON DEMAND: pick your times and dates when you want to watch and participate. You will receive an Official Weekend Itinerary the week of the event to plan your Weekend Streaming Conference experience!

The cost for the Weekend Streaming Package is very reasonable at $150 per person/per computer/tablet/phone/or iPad. We will be utilizing Facebook's private LIVE stream, and one of the ministry's Tech Experts will help make sure your LIVE FEED is up, running, and operational prior to the weekend's festivities.

Your financial support helps the Ministry put on an amazing weekend conference. We are limiting our LIVE STREAMERS so please register and sign-up ASAP.

*PLEASE NOTE: SBM/TPG reserves the right to DECLINE and REFUND any individual(s) whom it deems not "like-minded." Also, your streaming license being granted is for streaming on ONE DEVICE. You cannot share or give anyone else your LOGIN INFORMATION. Doing so would immediately VIOLATE the Ministry's rules and your connection will be terminated. In addition, all content is the property of SBM Worldwide, Inc. and may NOT be rebroadcast, published, or shared in any way, shape, or form without the exclusive written permission of SBM Worldwide. If this happens, your monies will NOT be refunded. Thank you for abiding by these simple requests. We know you will be blessed and encouraged! Thank you for participating in this major, important SBM/TPG event!

Price: $150.00

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