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"A Divine Love Story: The Testimony of Alan and Angie"

posted Saturday Oct 03, 2015 12:00 AM

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Stephen Bennett

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It is not uncommon to hear of a couple who has been happily married for many years, with children, and all of a sudden one of the spouses reveals "I'm gay." Countless married men and women alike not only struggle with same-sex attraction, but many have also tragically given in to those temptations - going as far as breaking their marital vows with homosexual infidelity.

Enter Alan and Angie - a well loved and respected Christian couple from down south. Happily married for many years having a beautiful family and a family owned business, Alan has been hiding a deep, dark secret from his wife Angie for their entire married life: Alan is "gay." Not only is Alan homosexual, but he also has a partner on the side for quite some time - and he works for Alan and Angie in their family-run florist.

Listen to Alan and Angie as they recount their story - ultimately a story of love and triumph - with Stephen and Irene Bennett.


Podcast Episode: "A Divine Love Story: The Testimony of Alan and Angie"

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